Product Info

TD20D3042 intelligent vibrating wire piezometer is suitable for long-term burying in hydraulic structures or other concrete structures and soil, to measure the water pressure of penetration (pores) inside the structure or soil, and to simultaneously measure the temperature of the buried point.

The piezometer can be used in pressure measurement pipelines and foundation drilling with additional accessories. The piezometer is an all-stainless steel structure and has a small volume of 24×120mm, which can be conveniently placed in a narrow place that needs to be measured. The piezometer has an intelligent recognition function.

Technical parameters



Fit accuracy




Measuring range

0 ~ 3.5MPa 

Hardware interface


Communication protocol

Standard Modbus protocol

Water pressure resistant 


Insulation resistance


Temperature measurement range


Storage temperature 



[Application scenarios] Displacement Measurement, Structural Health Monitoring




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